YOU GUIS LIEK ME. OH MY GOD. So, because I finally reached the holy grail in my tumblr life, I am going to do a give away post. The cut off date will be Feb 20th . Why? Because reasons. Now yall gotta know these things:

  1. You really don’t have to be following me, this can  prevent the follow/unfollow fiasco. But everyone do have your ask open or yall aint getting jack shit. And you have 24 hours to respond or, I’m moving on to the next number. 
  2. Reblog as many times as you want, but do not piss off your followers, seriously  Add the giveaway tag so they can black list it, or warn them. You can like instead of reblogging, but remember, only one like is counted. No side blogs, like really — let’s play fair here, I’m a nice person and I love to make people smile; and this is exactly why I am doing this give away. ( dont fuck it up )
  3. I don’t care what fandom you’re in honestly. This isn’t homestuck themed so don’t be scared to join the give away. I think we got the basics covered? Ok now to the prizes!!

Now due to losing my job, I have to do this giveaway small, I am sorry; next one will be bigger, I promise. 

There might be two secret prizes for people , and I might just have more than one winner. You guys get to pick your prizes!  I will ship where ever, as long as shipping won’t cost me an arm or a leg. 




my grandpa has a date tonight and hes really old and in a wheelchair and has to drag around this breathing machine but hes just sitting there waiting for the hospice shuttle to take him to pick up his date and he looks suPER EXCITED and its the cutest thing ive ever seen 

update he came home and i asked him how it went and he said, “i should have taken an extra tank of oxygen because she took my BREATH AWAY”